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Shield Your Herd's Hooves and Your Income with NEW Hoofshield Advance

Strong Hooves, Healthy Herds

It is well established that lameness is one of the biggest challenges facing dairy farmers worldwide. Lameness in dairy cows can be caused by various hoof disorders, which affect the health and functionality of their hooves. Fortunately, hoof disorders are preventable by active management controls and early detection of affected animals.

Introducing Hoofshield Advance

Using Hoofshield Advance as part of your hoof management routine helps to control infection by reducing the spread of bacteria, keeping your herd’s hooves and your income protected.

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Proof is in the Pictures

A 7-day trial in 2022 aimed to assess the impact of Hoofshield Advance on hoof condition, at the proven efficacy of a 1:80 dilution. Taking place on a farm in Cumbria, the improvement in hoof condition was remarkable, as documented in the pictures below.
Before and after pictures showing an unhealthy hoof on the left and the same hoof healthy on the right.

Proven biocidal efficacy (EN 1656)

  • Independently tested and proven according to EN 1656.
  • Specific digital dermatitis (pathogen efficacy e.g. Dichelobacter spp., Fusobacterium spp., Prevotella spp. and Treponema spp.) has been targeted and proven during the testing of Hoofshield Advance.

New formula, different mode of action

  • Our new formula is free from formaldehyde, copper, glutaraldehyde, and quaternary ammonium compounds.

Excellent hoof conditioning

  • Includes conditioners beneficial for general hoof quality.

Vibrant colour indicator system

  • A distinctive blue dye is used to make it easy for farmers to identify treated hooves.

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