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Unlock the Potential of Your Dietary Fiber Analysis

The accurate measurement of dietary fiber is crucial to food manufacturers in order to label their products correctly and avoid potential mislabelling consequences from consumer organizations or regulatory agencies. When fortifying a product with dietary fiber to make a beneficial claim, it is essential to have 100% of the claimed amount. Precise measurement helps prevent fiber over-fortification, which can be costly for food manufacturers. Therefore, the most accurate method for measuring dietary fiber is vital for your nutrition labelling and is an important determinant to enable specific fiber content claims and correct calorie content displayed on your food packaging.

Most Suitable Method for all Dietary Fiber Sample Types

Our Rapid Integrated Total Dietary Fiber Assay Method is the most advanced and encompassing method available for accurately measuring fiber, including resistant starch and non-digestible oligosaccharides. This method is a result of years of research and optimisation and supersedes existing methods due to its use of enzymatic incubation conditions that are more aligned with human digestion, leading to a more accurate measurement of resistant starches, including phosphate cross-linked resistant starch (RS4). Additionally, this method eliminates the overestimation of fiber content in starchy foods and can measure both soluble and insoluble fiber separately.
Our Megazyme® Rapid Integrated Total Dietary Fiber assay kit (K-RINTDF) is the only commercially available product worldwide that allows for the accurate measurement of both soluble and insoluble fiber separately, as defined by CODEX Alimentarius, and has been validated by AOAC as methods AOAC 2017.16 (Codex Type I method) and AOAC 2022.01.

Your Trusted Dietary Fiber Analysis Testing Partner

Our knowledge and experience in dietary fiber analysis, coupled with our excellent technical support, globally recognised internationally validated methods, and use of ultra-pure enzymes for enhanced accuracy and labelling compliance makes us a partner you can trust. In addition, we manufacture in-house at our site in Ireland, and can offer secure stock levels and a global supply chain to support your analysis needs, every step of the way.

Are you using the right method for your dietary fiber analysis?

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